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I've worked with Sam on a number of copywriting projects and there are quite a few reasons that I keep coming back to her! 1) She is a quick "get" - she has a way of distilling really difficult topics into easy-to-understand bite-sized information 2) She digs deep - just give her what you know and she will do whatever research is needed to get you what you need 3) She is quick & flexible - she's always going to meet your deadline, no matter what it is! 4) She is super friendly and easy to work with - Sam's the type of person that you enjoy seeing her name in your inbox. She's sharp, creative and in tune with the business world - she just gets it!

Leslie Brady, Senior Account Director at The Pomerantz Agency

I hired Sam to work as part of my SG&D creative team for a new client website. I thought her writing style and tone would be a perfect fit for this project.


Her responsibility included participating in initial brainstorming meetings, and developing questions and an interviewing process for each individual being featured in the website. She approached them with a relaxed professionalism that put each individual at ease during this phase of the project. In addition to a responsive turnaround time for the completed site content, Sam also followed up with everyone to further discuss their bios and make the necessary edits requested.


When working with a team on a project of this size and nature, it is important to me as the creative director and project manager to see to it that all the deliverables are met. With Sam, it made the process that much easier for me and the rest of the team. She was always proactive, courteous, and enthusiastic during the course of this project. The website was launched successfully and the client was thrilled with the results.


The key to any success outcome is to bring the right talent together to fit the project… and Sam filled the copywriting role for the project perfectly!

Donna Pavlis, President and Chief Marketing Strategist at SG&D Communications & Design

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